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Best Smoking Playlist. Ever.
smokin2kidcudi smokin2kidcudi
13,061   3hr 10min (50 tracks)
50+ songs.
March 17, 2011 Best Smoking Playlist. Ever.
2nd Best Smoking Playlist. Ever
smokin2kidcudi smokin2kidcudi
14,720   3hr 18min (59 tracks)
60+ more songs.
March 21, 2011 2nd Best Smoking Playlist. Ever
The Anthem for Smokers and Drinkers: The Best Damn Playlist Ever
Weasel901 Weasel901
1,288   3hr 55min (62 tracks)
"And on the seventh day, God said, 'Shit.
October 24, 2011 The Anthem for Smokers and Drinkers: The Best Damn Playlist Ever
High Love You.
justin31409 justin31409
1,930   53min (12 tracks)
Some of my favorite songs to listen to under the influence.
November 09, 2010 High Love You.
Snow Daze
b34od b34od
224   2hr 11min (34 tracks)
34 of my favorite chill hip hop and classic rock tracks for a cold snowy day inside.
February 21, 2015 Snow Daze
An American Summer
IUiTunesMaster IUiTunesMaster
60,743   9hr 56min (161 tracks)
From summer days to summer nights.
June 25, 2012 An American Summer
Upbeat & Happy mix of upbeat tunes!
jcarpenter33 jcarpenter33
349   1hr 23min (25 tracks)
Songs to cheer you up! Twenty-five tracks including music by Atmosphere, Beatles, and Ben Harper.
January 13, 2011 Upbeat & Happy mix of upbeat tunes!
lets be buds
lovelybuterflie lovelybuterflie
311   54min (13 tracks)
Seventeen tracks including music by Led Zeppelin, Living Legends and Gorillaz.
November 18, 2010 lets be buds
Saulnier Saulnier
645   4hr 16min (65 tracks)
Just some random tunes tossed together .
January 08, 2015 Bruh
indiekids indiekids
4,374   58min (15 tracks)
Here's some rap songs using classic rock samples and vocals, Enjoy! Artists include The Who, G-Eazy, Lenny Kravitz.
August 10, 2012 HipHop&ClassicRock
Four Twenty Two
legen-waitforit-dary legen-waitforit-dary
407   3hr 9min (49 tracks)
Happy Earth Day! Playlist includes tracks from Queen, Bob Marley, Ratatat, and many more!.
April 20, 2013 Four Twenty Two
Good vibes
BlazingMclasky BlazingMclasky
2,580   1hr 12min (17 tracks)
19 songs to mellow you out with some good vibes :).
April 04, 2013 Good vibes