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Summer Vibin'
sketchesofmysoul sketchesofmysoul
192   1hr 14min (25 tracks)
Top down, bass loud, cruising along the highway on a beautiful summer day.
March 22, 2015 Summer Vibin'
Raise em' on Rhythm & Blues
belliveau.haley-864 belliveau.haley-864
83   26min (8 tracks)
Relaxed R&B and hiphop tracks, couple dance worthy tracks to make sure you're alive Eight tracks including music by 2AM, Chris Brown, and JP Cooper.
March 06, 2015 Raise em' on Rhythm & Blues
Lovin' You (K-Pop Edition)
theteeviichannel theteeviichannel
18   1hr 16min (24 tracks)
Confess those feelings today, or just daydream about your one and only.
February 27, 2015 Lovin' You (K-Pop Edition)
Lovin' You
theteeviichannel theteeviichannel
770   1hr 21min (22 tracks)
You thinking of them aren't you? Look at you giggle.
February 27, 2015 Lovin' You
Top Hits (K-Pop Edition)
theteeviichannel theteeviichannel
14   41min (21 tracks)
All the mainstream k-pop hits compiled in one list for you to jam to!.
February 27, 2015 Top Hits (K-Pop Edition)
It's your world.
Duh Mitrik Duh Mitrik
13   44min (18 tracks)
December 12, 2014 It's your world.
Never Sober
maddie17 maddie17
12   (11 tracks)
Songs that have taken over my thoughts.
December 16, 2014 Never Sober
chill chill chill
quenchen quenchen
830   1hr 26min (22 tracks)
chill chill chill (constantly updated~).
November 02, 2014 chill chill chill
ships iɴ the ɴight✘
KatherineT KatherineT
7,344   (20 tracks)
●sʜips iɴ tʜe ɴight✘● •••••••√••••••√•••••••√••••••√••••••√••••••• ●R&B , Hip Hop & Pop Tracks!●.
October 12, 2014 ships iɴ the ɴight✘
Feel Good
Bria Brandt. Bria Brandt.
568   (10 tracks)
September 25, 2014 Feel Good
Important Rap
literalily literalily
2,085   (18 tracks)
September 20, 2014 Important Rap
chill days
soochenbaek soochenbaek
1,470   (9 tracks)
english song mix (will add more later).
August 12, 2014 chill days