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cringing.jpg cringing.jpg
10   45min (13 tracks)
for those happy days.
April 25, 2015 smile
lorna.michele lorna.michele
24   22min (9 tracks)
Cute & happy songs that are easy to listen to :).
March 31, 2015 Easy Listening
beccaalpine beccaalpine
468   1hr 12min (19 tracks)
August 29, 2014 end of summer tunes
curranrl curranrl
827   1hr 53min (33 tracks)
“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
February 18, 2012 This will make you feel good.
thefriendlybeasts thefriendlybeasts
85   1hr 43min (24 tracks)
some easy-listening to kick off june.
June 11, 2014 Frequencies - Sarah
swickham swickham
7,997   1hr 5min (41 tracks)
May 20, 2014 happy chill
gamble gamble
135,168   23min (8 tracks)
Caution: Side effects include whistling and thoughts of summer Listen, then ask yourself if you are happier than before you clicked that triangle.
March 24, 2011 How does anger exist when there is music like this?
melody8888 melody8888
110   49min (15 tracks)
beautiful happy music!.
October 02, 2013 Relax & Take it easy
rafecomo rafecomo
2,625   48min (13 tracks)
Chill, beer and sun, what else you need?, a tracklist that is a good get away at the end of the day, or at any time you wanna relax, a tracklist with s...
March 16, 2013 Chill, Beer & Sun
msmaggiemay msmaggiemay
7,895   58min (17 tracks)
A mixture of chill, acoustic songs guaranteed to make you smile as you kick back this summer.
March 23, 2012 Put on them sunglasses and relax
TravelistheNewBlack TravelistheNewBlack
479   40min (11 tracks)
Music, Car & Road - Eight tracks including music by Bob Marley, Foo Fighters, and Little Jackie.
August 17, 2011 Hitting the Road