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Funky Monkey
benchenmusic benchenmusic
3,162   1hr 32min (23 tracks)
Bananaramatang Part IV of the INSTINCT Five-Part Series - https://8tracks.
March 29, 2015 Funky Monkey
i'll make my paradise on earth
amyFbaby amyFbaby
332   1hr 14min (17 tracks)
drift away to a happy place.
March 13, 2015 i'll make my paradise on earth
I will be there,
itsmecharlie itsmecharlie
19   44min (12 tracks)
for those days when you just want to stay in bed and read or snuggle up with your love one.
April 04, 2015 I will be there,
floatalittle floatalittle
523   55min (14 tracks)
December 24, 2014 INHΔLE EXHΔLE
Let's forget everything but us
charlenetimbol charlenetimbol
8,423   35min (9 tracks)
For those days when you just wanna drive around with your person right next to you.
January 30, 2014 Let's forget everything but us
Future Feel Good Tracks: Wiivv Weekend #001
wiivv wiivv
476   40min (9 tracks)
Click for Future Feel Good Tracks! Here is the first instalment of our Wiivv Weekend #001.
January 31, 2015 Future Feel Good Tracks: Wiivv Weekend #001
Indie dance adventures
HarmonicVibration HarmonicVibration
8,468   1hr 14min (16 tracks)
90 minutes of indie dance remixes to turn that frown upside down :) http://8tracks.
November 18, 2014 Indie dance adventures
8Cvetko 8Cvetko
62,482   1hr 5min (14 tracks)
Easy listening feel good deep/tropical house.
October 23, 2014 Moments
H y p e r P a r a d i s e
adolescentJoy adolescentJoy
30,319   1hr 39min (24 tracks)
H Y P E R .
July 02, 2014 H y p e r P a r a d i s e
Beauty and the Beats
benchenmusic benchenmusic
2,217   1hr 4min (16 tracks)
Get your horns turnt up.
December 08, 2014 Beauty and the Beats
Tropical Fruit
HarmonicVibration HarmonicVibration
17,152   38min (8 tracks)
Take a bite out of this juicy playlist and the let the vibes flow through you.
November 10, 2014 Tropical Fruit
feelin' good
maniroxs1 maniroxs1
37   55min (15 tracks)
feel good songs by my favorite artists that make me happy when i'm down disclaimer: - don't own any of the songs - idk that's really the only disclaim...
March 24, 2015 feelin' good