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Afternoon Sunlight
hulloemily hulloemily
1,172   (16 tracks)
For the coffee shop feeling in that afternoon sunlight, soft chatter, and the smell of coffee beans and pastry crumbs.
March 07, 2015 Afternoon Sunlight
i want to believe
stfu_ahs stfu_ahs
782   1hr 21min (19 tracks)
"It's easy to love someone when they're happy.
March 13, 2015 i want to believe
// sedated
mayday parade mayday parade
3,642   1hr 2min (17 tracks)
just hold your head up.
March 06, 2015 // sedated
so many covers
olivia olivia
5,096   (26 tracks)
20+ acoustic covers! enjoy.
February 28, 2015 so many covers
let's close our eyes.
2,380   1hr 7min (18 tracks)
some chill, calm, relaxing tunes from different types of genres and artists.
March 07, 2015 let's close our eyes.
Artists You Really Need To Know Right Now.
jbear_4 jbear_4
427   58min (15 tracks)
Featuring artists include Aquilo, Broken Back and Humming House.
March 26, 2015 Artists You Really Need To Know Right Now.
live a little, listen a little
classically-amy classically-amy
3,066   (16 tracks)
for those times where you wanna forget about life and just listen to a little music.
February 20, 2015 live a little, listen a little
sunday morning
macky1 macky1
9,323   (10 tracks)
a nice & fun playlist with somewhat happy songs.
March 07, 2015 sunday morning
Chill Jams
simplysimplemee simplysimplemee
24,912   (21 tracks)
Some of my absolute favourite songs.
February 24, 2015 Chill Jams
Chill Out
maryykruse maryykruse
1,547   56min (18 tracks)
Listen when you just want to chill and zone out.
March 10, 2015 Chill Out
SoundCloud love
brittany23 brittany23
345   1hr 28min (24 tracks)
Artists found and loved.
March 13, 2015 SoundCloud love
nickyem nickyem
184   1hr 11min (25 tracks)
Listen and love these sweet beats.
March 09, 2015 AmbiantBeats