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Joey_mcbride Joey_mcbride
25,314   5hr 4min (97 tracks)
Hey guys! Please enjoy this new playlist I (scrupulously) put together, featuring some new and really great indie songs from bands like Years & Years, ...
April 05, 2015 indie march 2015
gunemoji gunemoji
8,758   44min (13 tracks)
some of my latest obsessions! (: [includes The Vaccines, Dune Rats & Turbo Fruits].
March 30, 2015 gimme that indie
irlbby irlbby
2,458   58min (16 tracks)
and these bands are proof.
March 14, 2015 rock, good rock, still exists
Joey_mcbride Joey_mcbride
1,561   4hr 2min (62 tracks)
A new month mean a new playlist filled with some great new indie finds of mine, but with a twist!** Featuring new songs by YOUNG EMPIRES, RAC, Tame Im...
April 22, 2015 indie april 2015 (pt. i)
gunemoji gunemoji
913   (9 tracks)
even more obsessions lol sorry (includes songs by Phoenix, The Jungle Giants and DEXTERS).
April 07, 2015 too young
gossipnjh gossipnjh
824   56min (15 tracks)
a girl on twitter made me a list of songs i should listen to and i really liked it so i thought i would share it, enjoy :) .
March 21, 2015 golden
gisellevaldez gisellevaldez
1,383   34min (8 tracks)
back to the tropics //.
October 29, 2014 you wait for the sun to make the sky //
Joey_mcbride Joey_mcbride
13,125   2hr 47min (43 tracks)
Hey guys! I'm excited to bring you my first monthly playlist of 2015! As always, I've included 50+ (newly released) indie songs that I dig, ones I hop...
February 01, 2015 Indie January 2015
Joey_mcbride Joey_mcbride
3,474   4hr 40min (72 tracks)
Another month, another playlist! Sorry this one's a bit late, but I compensated by adding a bunch more songs than usual! Featuring some fresh, new so...
March 05, 2015 indie february 2015
justarandombrunette justarandombrunette
99   1hr 4min (18 tracks)
chill playlist.
April 03, 2015 your looks can kill
taytbqh taytbqh
26,435   (26 tracks)
some really chill indie songs i've been obsessed with lately.
January 28, 2015 ☾ c h i l l ☽
Joey_mcbride Joey_mcbride
24,342   2hr 15min (54 tracks)
Here we go! Over 75 amazing (new) indie tracks on this month's playlist to hopefully get you dancing, smiling, and finding great new music! Enjoy!.
December 01, 2014 Indie November 2014