Chill + indie rock + love

love me harder
nyquist nyquist
53,751   (15 tracks)
poison in our veins but we don't even care thank you so much for all the likes and listens!! .
February 02, 2015 love me harder
teen angst
neon trees neon trees
11,619   23min (7 tracks)
songs that relate to adolescene, partying, love etc.
February 25, 2015 teen angst
For The Dreamers
La.Dolce.Vita La.Dolce.Vita
311   37min (8 tracks)
March 21, 2015 For The Dreamers
words on pages
Jenbones Jenbones
124   30min (17 tracks)
A writing mix of interesting lyrics, for chill late night writing sessions, some upbeat, some slow, some electro, some indie, some acoustic.
April 12, 2015 words on pages
pantiesdroppin pantiesdroppin
4,357   (11 tracks)
I want to do bad things to you.
January 03, 2015 sex
Somewhere only we know
adolescentJoy adolescentJoy
31,114   1hr 0min (20 tracks)
I want to be the girl that makes you sappy and sweet; the girl that you can't stop thinking about the girl that can be your best friend and your lover ...
February 14, 2013 Somewhere only we know
set a fire in my head
awoInation awoInation
13   51min (12 tracks)
tonight //.
April 17, 2015 set a fire in my head
sleepless nights
konichiwanker konichiwanker
18,620   46min (11 tracks)
March 02, 2014 sleepless nights
the numbness i feel
courtkh courtkh
237   24min (10 tracks)
songs to listen to when alls you want to do is cry.
August 01, 2013 the numbness i feel
cheap whiskey and cigarettes
cliffordsbby cliffordsbby
11,200   (9 tracks)
alcohol on your breath and smoke on my clothes.
January 19, 2014 cheap whiskey and cigarettes
Covers that will rock your socks off
gladdieee gladdieee
26,137   1hr 19min (20 tracks)
Covers that will definitely turn your world upside down.
May 15, 2013 Covers that will rock your socks off
this love is a sure thing
alisonpark alisonpark
362   1hr 35min (25 tracks)
July 13, 2014 this love is a sure thing