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SoundscapesWithDJMonet SoundscapesWithDJMonet
4   1hr 18min (28 tracks)
DJ Monet adds nujabes to the mix with some of his sublime Modal Souls, adds some Flying Lotus and Bonobo to the mix, and lets the chill flow.
April 24, 2015 Soundscapes 4/23/2015
alexandrashayne alexandrashayne
2   26min (8 tracks)
may is manageable w this playlist I believe in you.
April 25, 2015 may
awoInation awoInation
29   1hr 18min (26 tracks)
don't you think that we were beautiful?.
April 20, 2015 nothing that you're used to
SoundscapesWithDJMonet SoundscapesWithDJMonet
8   1hr 22min (29 tracks)
DJ Monet finds more new songs from The Vale, throws in some L'anarchiste, and has some fun with Meine Meinung.
April 17, 2015 Soundscapes 4/16/2015
glue-for-brains glue-for-brains
195   (13 tracks)
Idk a gross sad(??) mix for my friend Melanie, I wish we talked more because I think you're really rad.
April 22, 2015 wanna hang or whatever
littlecancercrab littlecancercrab
4   33min (8 tracks)
✦ · ✵ mixture of chill songs including three foreign | good for thinking or writing to or falling asleep to or just about anything ✵ · ✦ [ starts s...
April 18, 2015 ✹  * wandering * ✹
hashtagplaylist hashtagplaylist
6   57min (26 tracks)
An chill electronic playlist with depth, this one takes the latest EDM and pop songs and adds layers of echos, voice drops and haunting melodies.
April 23, 2015 The Dreamscape
ooogirl ooogirl
2   31min (9 tracks)
cute songs to jam to//what this month feels like so far through eclectic sounds.
April 22, 2015 spring fling
dullboyy dullboyy
8   14min (10 tracks)
mellow, chill songs featuring cyberbully mom club, elvis depressedly, and frankie cosmos.
April 14, 2015 another rainy day
baudrillard baudrillard
28   44min (15 tracks)
April 12, 2015 Leisure Suite
whereabouts whereabouts
13   45min (12 tracks)
songs to listen to when you want to lose yourself in your thoughts.
April 11, 2015 let's get lost together
SoundscapesWithDJMonet SoundscapesWithDJMonet
22   1hr 34min (28 tracks)
New album from Laura Marling, more from The Vale and Flying Lotus.
April 12, 2015 Soundscapes 4/9/2015