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usherrthaaa usherrthaaa
8,244   (19 tracks)
just a playlist of songs that i love.
September 02, 2014 Insomnia
vibe with me
e-ther-e-al e-ther-e-al
49   30min (8 tracks)
these songs are really cool songs not gonna lie perfect for night drives, study sessions,or just whenever you wanna chill out and really connect with...
March 16, 2015 vibe with me
Night in the city
baklajan baklajan
5   43min (9 tracks)
Some neonoir and noir melodies for hard night and dawn.
March 27, 2015 Night in the city
☯ςђเll ๏ยt, ђ๏๓เє☯
toolameforthis toolameforthis
12   6min (2 tracks)
Maybe you're getting over someone, or stressing out about how to deal with someone.
March 22, 2015 ☯ςђเll ๏ยt, ђ๏๓เє☯
ןɐnsuǝS Sinister
SarenaRosemore SarenaRosemore
16   1hr 44min (24 tracks)
Danger is lurking in disguise.
March 25, 2015 ןɐnsuǝS Sinister
feeeeeeeeeei feeeeeeeeeei
58   (20 tracks)
For when you're in one of those moods where you just want to talk philosophically but still stay young.
February 17, 2015 gloomy
Indie Nights
 jadedgrrl jadedgrrl
66   30min (10 tracks)
A bunch of covers of pop, country and hip hop songs that have a more indie feel than the originals.
February 21, 2015 Indie Nights
it's the journey, not the destination
sloansabbith sloansabbith
131   24min (10 tracks)
because life doesn't always go in direction you want but that doesn't mean that you're not exactly where you need to be.
April 03, 2014 it's the journey, not the destination
sad songs moody moods
ryanr1.4 ryanr1.4
1,823   46min (12 tracks)
sad rap.
January 06, 2015 sad songs moody moods
those rainy/moody/study days
beccmau5 beccmau5
19,430   (63 tracks)
64 songs guaranteed to chill you out.
February 27, 2013 those rainy/moody/study days
last words
apathetic apathetic
202   (13 tracks)
this one goes out to alaska - - - - - - - - - - - - cover: ig @expiry .
July 07, 2014 last words
smalltown midwinters
desderium desderium
5   39min (9 tracks)
a mix for this winter just gone.
March 15, 2015 smalltown midwinters