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fakegenius fakegenius
6,271   3hr 27min (29 tracks)
A post-rock playlist for when the thoughts rush like streetcars and you want to keep them moving; a mix for when your brain is overloaded and you want ...
July 22, 2013 the world is beautiful.
Time_Life_someone Time_Life_someone
70   1hr 35min (17 tracks)
Some calming post-rock For your quiet needs.
March 16, 2015 Quiet
slckilla slckilla
82   52min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks including music by Broken Social Scene, Explosions in the Sky and God Is An Astronaut.
January 20, 2011 Sleep Songs
ImBendis ImBendis
500   1hr 23min (15 tracks)
Fifteen tracks including music by 65daysofstatic, Epigram, and Mogwai.
December 21, 2014 Remurdered
pathwayalexander pathwayalexander
475   58min (13 tracks)
Instrumental post rock sort of and some haunting voices .
December 22, 2012 Haunted Voices Through Your Veins
yaztoearth yaztoearth
924   1hr 46min (18 tracks)
Over an hour of instrumentals for dozing off, racing against deadlines or daydreaming.
May 22, 2013 Float to Doze
Kalimanitas Kalimanitas
813   2hr 59min (28 tracks)
When all you wanna do is think, sleep, or relax: post-rock is the answer.
June 11, 2013 Post-Rock
consideryourselfchangd consideryourselfchangd
309   1hr 14min (13 tracks)
Something to listen to while relaxing or in bed.
June 03, 2012 A Tranquil Mix
andrewtuckr andrewtuckr
168   57min (8 tracks)
July 19, 2011 Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight
whoarewe whoarewe
301   41min (11 tracks)
for you, for me, for all that we could be.
December 22, 2014 why are you so sad
8jax 8jax
421   41min (9 tracks)
Forty-one minutes of word-free, percussion-minimal music, including stuff by Amiina, Arms and Sleepers, and Balmorhea.
June 26, 2011 Songs that Slow the Dragon!
miramane miramane
1,012   2hr 16min (27 tracks)
Spring sensations .
April 01, 2013 The perks of being a butterfly