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faves af
irlgdans irlgdans
147   (22 tracks)
i h8888 previews on my faves list so i made this lil thing yay.
December 11, 2014 faves af
Respectable Rap
jack98765211 jack98765211
796   (13 tracks)
G-eazy, Olu, Dunson, Chiddy and more.
March 29, 2012 Respectable Rap
Study Buddy
LCat321 LCat321
10,557   (21 tracks)
For studying.
October 30, 2013 Study Buddy
Mad acoustic sounds
echoesofacity echoesofacity
1,915   (15 tracks)
To be honest, I'm making this mix due to procrastination.
August 25, 2014 Mad acoustic sounds
Procrastination Nation
hefferann. hefferann.
679   (13 tracks)
If you are like me & find any possible excuse but doing your homework or studying then just listen to some great tunes and keep on procrastinatin'.
April 10, 2013 Procrastination Nation
Chill electronic
bah-ouai bah-ouai
1,749   (12 tracks)
Easy listening electronic-pop Perfect to stop procrastinating.
November 18, 2012 Chill electronic
Earned it
ycomet ycomet
February 25, 2015 Earned it
romi291 romi291
1,698   (11 tracks)
actually named this playlist after a typo oops .
October 11, 2014 hoework
lazy sunday afternoon
jennalauren jennalauren
2,258   (30 tracks)
listen to this on a sunday, or any day of the week.
February 27, 2012 lazy sunday afternoon
Easy on the ears.
demerygarrant demerygarrant
Hot tracks on my itunes this month.
January 11, 2012 Easy on the ears.
Songs to chill to.
Tania Solis Tania Solis
1,709   (19 tracks)
Also good for when you can't sleep, when background music is needed, when taking a walk, or simply when procrastination prevails.
March 23, 2013 Songs to chill to.
one day it'll all make sense
scottyc313 scottyc313
424   (19 tracks)
Mac, Drake, Hoodie and some other goods to make late night lib sessions more bearable .
April 30, 2012 one day it'll all make sense