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Doin Hoodrat Thangs
kamiwest kamiwest
3,167   23min (19 tracks)
19 tracks that will fill your little heart with hood.
November 11, 2014 Doin Hoodrat Thangs
In The Clouds
DrewKrentz DrewKrentz
1,168   30min (19 tracks)
Chill sesh with friends .
June 14, 2013 In The Clouds
The Chillest of Raps.
serrawillow serrawillow
2,337   1min (8 tracks)
Chill, instrumental rap.
November 16, 2012 The Chillest of Raps.
Music is bliss, and this is my playlist
TylerFon TylerFon
2,101   19min (28 tracks)
We put our glass to the sky and lift up And live tonight 'cause you can't take it with ya So raise a pint for the people that aren't with us And live t...
May 06, 2012 Music is bliss, and this is my playlist
Bump Tunes - Hip-Hop/Rap
shoctus shoctus
6,783   (69 tracks)
some underground, some overground.
October 16, 2013 Bump Tunes - Hip-Hop/Rap
Chill Rap
Walbert Walbert
5,924   (10 tracks)
Good and chill rap.
February 11, 2013 Chill Rap
mikesaccone mikesaccone
5,970   53min (19 tracks)
chill and airy dubstep, rap, indie, and electronic music.
September 29, 2012 airy...
douche bag
weekndes weekndes
october-november most listened to.
November 18, 2013 douche bag
Chill Rap (Updated)
michaelmichaels michaelmichaels
1,612   (13 tracks)
its the realness the chillness "brr" - gucci mane *updated with 3 or 4 new tracks.
September 16, 2014 Chill Rap (Updated)
stone my soul
jlt jlt
247   (16 tracks)
frank ocean, N*E*R*D, King Krule, etc.
March 16, 2013 stone my soul
Chill out bro.
eddysimmz eddysimmz
538   20min (15 tracks)
Sit back and relax to some of the dopest rap songs you've never heard before.
April 21, 2012 Chill out bro.