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Blue My World
my name is craig my name is craig
2,258   3hr 10min (49 tracks)
50 Blues Rock Tracks.
December 04, 2013 Blue My World
Things Used to REALLY be Raw.
huntercox huntercox
476   1hr 26min (19 tracks)
Alright, alright, alright!! Here's a playlist for all you guitar freaks out there.
November 07, 2011 Things Used to REALLY be Raw.
Dirty & Sweaty
pepperzek pepperzek
797   32min (10 tracks)
Fuckin' & Rocking.
November 02, 2011 Dirty & Sweaty
Late Summer Rock 'n' Roll
Prince Palu Prince Palu
34 tracks of dirty, bluesy rock 'n' roll for the last weekend of summer vacation.
August 31, 2012 Late Summer Rock 'n' Roll
when you touch me
summersunday summersunday
283   25min (9 tracks)
shivers (including songs by jimi hendrix, the doors and lykke li).
October 01, 2011 when you touch me
Tough n' Rumble
BLuv BLuv
197   1hr 2min (18 tracks)
absolutely to be confused with rough and tumble.
February 23, 2012 Tough n' Rumble
The Dirty Age
sbaomwmeyn sbaomwmeyn
92   24min (7 tracks)
"Rock and roll should corrupt kids enough to think.
September 26, 2013 The Dirty Age
You Get What You Pay For
Super Hans Super Hans
344   1hr 21min (22 tracks)
If you're feeling dirty and ashamed, then a playlist of sleazy music won't make you feel any worse, will it?.
July 05, 2013 You Get What You Pay For
alexp alexp
Buy Indonesian debt.
January 08, 2011 Sleaze
Drivin Fast and Ridin Low
lownslow71 lownslow71
106   1hr 14min (20 tracks)
Down shift as often as possible .
May 02, 2014 Drivin Fast and Ridin Low
Dirty Supernatural Fanmix
sylwia.t sylwia.t
42   46min (10 tracks)
Mix created by http://lindseylougilleshoe.
April 03, 2014 Dirty Supernatural Fanmix