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2014 Compilation
cherrypop77 cherrypop77
21   3hr 14min (53 tracks)
I listen to a LOT of music.
March 22, 2015 2014 Compilation
a wink and a nudge
ekbro ekbro
nice and short / a new wave beginning, an exciting middle and a sad ending / .
February 22, 2015 a wink and a nudge
The Blender
FryMixaLot FryMixaLot
4   1hr 54min (40 tracks)
A fun mix of indie and mainstream, old and new rock, with some soul and hip-hop thrown in.
February 22, 2015 The Blender
Snow Daze
b34od b34od
201   (34 tracks)
34 of my favorite chill hip hop and classic rock tracks for a cold snowy day inside.
February 21, 2015 Snow Daze
want emancipation?
bright-eyed-demigirl bright-eyed-demigirl
fuck the rules, fuck the system.
February 06, 2015 want emancipation?
"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."
govenerfink govenerfink
Because it's my 22nd birthday today, I decided to make a personalized party mix of all of my favorite songs and some of my favorite dance/sing along so...
January 27, 2015 "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."
riycmn riycmn
292   (114 tracks)
all we need, really, is a change from a near frigid to a tropical attitude of mind.
January 21, 2015 818
yakkowarner yakkowarner
7   48min (14 tracks)
It's freezing today!.
December 04, 2014 Cold
Christopher Paul Reavis
daddykitz daddykitz
2   24min (14 tracks)
its called a oil pull.
November 29, 2014 Christopher Paul Reavis
Running mix
jsev jsev
213   (42 tracks)
NYC marathon training mix.
November 25, 2014 Running mix
Let It Loose
govenerfink govenerfink
607   45min (20 tracks)
A fun blend of different genres of songs that mention and celebrate hair.
November 21, 2014 Let It Loose