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horrorgrrrl horrorgrrrl
4,193   (21 tracks)
a playlist to listen to when you really don't want to go to school.
February 23, 2014 anti-school
Spring Equinox
The Oddfather The Oddfather
543   9min (8 tracks)
An eclectic mix of eight tracks including music by Beck, Bob Dorough, and Paul Simon.
March 20, 2012 Spring Equinox
Women Who Rock
swkokobware swkokobware
3,820   1hr 36min (42 tracks)
They Really Do Rock.
August 04, 2011 Women Who Rock
Cry until you pass the fuck out
aliyascool aliyascool
46   32min (8 tracks)
we all have those days includes velvet underground, radiohead, band of horses.
December 22, 2010 Cry until you pass the fuck out
Dog Days: A Sirius Black Playlist
micayoder micayoder
Because I love him ok? And this is totally what he would have listened to.
May 01, 2014 Dog Days: A Sirius Black Playlist
Strange Randoms
cooleyjulie cooleyjulie
588   (51 tracks)
February 19, 2012 Strange Randoms
Temple, Texas
woodtip woodtip
51   38min (13 tracks)
Here's one for nostalgia.
April 25, 2012 Temple, Texas
Recently Rotating
JosieBoyce JosieBoyce
3   36min (10 tracks)
Songs I have been listening to more regularly than others recently.
January 24, 2015 Recently Rotating
Texas 1 Condensed
johnnysgonnadie johnnysgonnadie
0   38min (15 tracks)
The first Texas playlist cut down to the stuff I think my buddy Steve would be more interested in.
January 17, 2015 Texas 1 Condensed
Max's Playlist!
stonerwitch stonerwitch
46   39min (20 tracks)
Max smokes a lot of cigs and wears lipstick sometimes.
March 04, 2014 Max's Playlist!
andy zk andy zk
105   44min (12 tracks)
A brief collection of songs that involve eyes (: "And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes back into you" - Nietzsche.
April 01, 2013 Eyes