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Bgillespiee Bgillespiee
1,134   31min (10 tracks)
Artists include B.
March 05, 2015 Away She Goes
A Dharma Bum A Dharma Bum
372   47min (19 tracks)
Considering how many times I've been described as an "old soul", I'm beginning to think I was actually born in the 60s and sent to the future with a mi...
November 13, 2010 Born In The Wrong Decade
thatgirlyouknow thatgirlyouknow
554   1hr 6min (16 tracks)
mixed genre oldies from Frank Sinatra to AC/DC.
November 18, 2011 writings on the wall
605076055 605076055
85   1hr 31min (30 tracks)
Oldies playlist, including rock n'roll, swing, blues.
March 06, 2015 OLD IS GOLD!
Logannn Logannn
385   30min (14 tracks)
Payin' hommage to The Beatles, The Shangri-La's, and The Kinks.
January 18, 2011 The original greats
trongnhanphan trongnhanphan
3,468   1hr 1min (21 tracks)
This playlist is dedicated to some of the greatest bands and musicians of all time.
August 13, 2012 Oldies but Goldies
Sawyer Flynn Sawyer Flynn
2,754   3hr 28min (59 tracks)
My top Classic R&B and Rock songs from the 60's and 70's .
March 04, 2013 Best of An Era
the kooksss the kooksss
2,104   51min (16 tracks)
"The Sixties are most generously described as a time when people took part - when they stepped out of themselves and acted in public, as people who did...
August 01, 2014 living in the wrong generation (pt 1)
horace.dudley horace.dudley
1,807   15hr 54min (378 tracks)
395 of Rolling Stones Greatest Hits from their top 500.
November 03, 2013 Rolling Stones Magazines 395 Greatest Hits
hayvanat hayvanat
210   25min (15 tracks)
Bliss, The Left Banke, The Yankee Dollar and more! Thanks for all your likes and comments! Volume I: http://8tracks.
October 08, 2013 60's (2)
selliott selliott
260   18min (12 tracks)
Feel that love, soul, and good ol' rock n' roll.
February 08, 2011 Feel It In Your Step, Feel It In Your Heart
bloodgutsandangelcake bloodgutsandangelcake
921   1hr 48min (27 tracks)
the best of the 70s yeah.
July 22, 2013 Songs of the 70s