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you make me wanna die?
EmileeRussell EmileeRussell
some music from wes anderson films, old rock, sex pistols,the strokes, the rolling stones but mainly just old rock and roll with a few exceptions :))))...
January 14, 2015 you make me wanna die?
karlrobertuk karlrobertuk
18   8hr 19min (128 tracks)
A playlist from the 1970's.
March 26, 2015 70's
The music your parents warned you about
ra2chel ra2chel
3,576   24min (40 tracks)
40 tracks from the 70s all the way to the early 2000s that are guaranteed to make you want to put on that faded black 666 shirt that you haven't worn s...
May 29, 2013 The music your parents warned you about
Musicians I Wish Were Still Alive and Making Music
kickapoo149 kickapoo149
1,558   (33 tracks)
The world is worse off without these people, but their music lives on.
April 20, 2011 Musicians I Wish Were Still Alive and Making Music
My Youth.
GingerSnap GingerSnap
2,365   24min (21 tracks)
My mom was never June Cleaver.
May 27, 2012 My Youth.
Screams Break the Silence
thorinium thorinium
198   24min (18 tracks)
What's Halloween without a little rock? This is a halloween mix that includes classic rock and punk rock bands with the same underlining theme.
October 05, 2013 Screams Break the Silence
Sexypants783 Sexypants783
16,040   11min (16 tracks)
For those born in the wrong decade.
November 05, 2013 WhenMusicWasGood
When You're Feeling Great
lealuirseen lealuirseen
2,946   30min (24 tracks)
23 upbeat tracks to go with your upbeat mood.
April 04, 2012 When You're Feeling Great
Heart Shaped Box
aIexturner aIexturner
671   26min (22 tracks)
Some of the best rock songs ever.
July 23, 2013 Heart Shaped Box
the government sucks
angeltrash angeltrash
260   41min (10 tracks)
January 25, 2015 the government sucks
for those about to rock
americanbums americanbums
1,101   27min (12 tracks)
rock and roll aint noise pollution, rock and roll aint gonna die.
September 07, 2014 for those about to rock
Punk Rock
Moters Moters
1,148   37min (19 tracks)
20 tracks.
December 08, 2013 Punk Rock