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Zire Zire
What fate awaits me without you?.
April 18, 2015 Acquiesce
allinablur allinablur
614   1hr 4min (14 tracks)
“The feelings that hurt most, the emotions that sting most, are those that are absurd - The longing for impossible things, precisely because they are i...
April 05, 2015 anguish
whispers in the walls
fairytears fairytears
16   52min (12 tracks)
slipping into the unconscious beauty of detaching from reality includes classical / music box / ambient / sing/song writer.
April 13, 2015 whispers in the walls
'the ground shall sorrow be'
sap-and-sense sap-and-sense
466   1hr 29min (22 tracks)
In darkness let me dwell; the ground shall sorrow be, The roof despair, to bar all cheerful light from me; The walls of marble black, that moist'ned st...
February 18, 2015 'the ground shall sorrow be'
Vitrina Vitrina
1,159   38min (10 tracks)
“L’éphémère possède un charme merveilleux, un charme d’une brûlante tristesse.
December 19, 2014 Léthargie
melancholy and floating piano notes
squidpopss squidpopss
2,548   38min (9 tracks)
a few of my favourite calm piano pieces for quiet times.
June 16, 2013 melancholy and floating piano notes
beauty in a storm
lamegoth lamegoth
291   41min (9 tracks)
In madness I pray for storms, and dream that storms will bring me peace.
November 29, 2014 beauty in a storm
The Cruelest Ache
lyro lyro
503   32min (8 tracks)
For the one just beyond your reach.
March 13, 2014 The Cruelest Ache
Libera Me
headless-hat headless-hat
265   57min (9 tracks)
there's a surprise in the end.
January 09, 2014 Libera Me
Mechalin Mechalin
601   28min (8 tracks)
The more someone cares for me, the more scared I get.
June 24, 2013 Genesis
look of otherness
in-bleak-midwinter in-bleak-midwinter
484   53min (11 tracks)
"She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the wo...
August 22, 2014 look of otherness