Corny music

Clairesha Clairesha
139   57min (19 tracks)
nice chilled out lovey tyoe songs.
February 10, 2015 relaxing valentines day
dopejonker dopejonker
45   16min (8 tracks)
A playlist with corny songs I made when I was 17.
April 10, 2015 I'm only seventeen
madelainec madelainec
158   (9 tracks)
Just a bunch of corny love songs that I like.
July 28, 2014 lovey dovey.
ghealai ghealai
164   39min (10 tracks)
Four tracks including music by Alex Turner, Carla Bruni, and Kath Bloom.
July 31, 2014 part II
everzarry everzarry
566   (9 tracks)
so here's a corny (throwback) mix for the King of corny, Harry Styles (i bet he listens to these religiously).
June 08, 2014 he's a sucker for corny things
annahpoop annahpoop
96   28min (12 tracks)
a cheesy corny ass mix of songs for some of the most important people in my life.
January 24, 2015 squad/fam part one
UglyWeeb UglyWeeb
387   1hr 22min (22 tracks)
To my beautiful, amazing girlfriend.
September 03, 2014 With Love
laureninthesky laureninthesky
239   52min (15 tracks)
Each of these induced a snort.
May 08, 2014 gloriously corny
heyisthisthingon heyisthisthingon
133   45min (16 tracks)
February 12, 2014 That corny ish.
radondoran radondoran
115   25min (12 tracks)
"I hope my Gentle Readers enjoy the book anyway, as an adventure story, but please don't forget that the advance of science can outdate even the most c...
January 22, 2014 Space Ranger
anasierra anasierra
449   39min (11 tracks)
A list of tracks inspired on the love shoots of my fav photographer.
July 10, 2012 DunKeLOVE
lacerate lacerate
187   1hr 13min (19 tracks)
Some things just get better with time.
May 08, 2014 sunshine in the month of may