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brookeantonio brookeantonio
698   30min (8 tracks)
These songs represent what love should be to me.
November 16, 2011 So what, i have a tentative wedding playlist?
bethiec1387 bethiec1387
132   53min (18 tracks)
Twenty tracks including music by Billy Joel, Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood.
April 18, 2011 Love You Til The End
oldfashiondream oldfashiondream
305   38min (12 tracks)
A reverie in twelve tracks.
October 22, 2011 Seasons come, seasons go
Annie D Annie D
100   55min (14 tracks)
A dash of twang added to a mixture of folk with an occasional pinch of pop.
March 05, 2012 Where your country meets my folk.
sweetcaroline12 sweetcaroline12
198   52min (16 tracks)
For that time of year when the chill in the air isn't the only reason you're holding each other closer.
October 20, 2011 Fall in Love
engineeringgirl engineeringgirl
60,012   1hr 21min (21 tracks)
This playlist consists of my favourite love songs.
May 28, 2013 Sweet Sweet Country
bemused3 bemused3
159   1hr 11min (24 tracks)
All you need is love, love, love.
March 04, 2013 Ewe and Eye
littleheart littleheart
220   33min (10 tracks)
you're the harmony to my heartbeat, baby.
June 12, 2011 a little less alone.
laurenelizabeth2 laurenelizabeth2
6,768   58min (16 tracks)
country music at its best.
December 30, 2012 cowboys and angels
daniellenoel daniellenoel
3,680   1hr 8min (18 tracks)
Another country mix that tells the story of what I think my future is going to be like.
December 05, 2012 Soundtrack to my Future
engineeringgirl engineeringgirl
2,361   21min (8 tracks)
October 14, 2012 Not Just a Little in Love
Ferechin Ferechin
752   1hr 11min (20 tracks)
This is perfect mix to listen in everywhere that you want, in the beach, house, garden, EVERYWHERE and here is only country music!.
April 04, 2012 Music perfectly to listen in the beach or in the forest