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jergobardley jergobardley
120   1hr 22min (21 tracks)
When I want yer advice, I will ask for it.
February 22, 2012 False Fag Operations
jergobardley jergobardley
211   1hr 35min (23 tracks)
Raw and saucy select shambles from borderline personality creeps.
January 25, 2012 Our Goal is Your Hole: Le Shambles du Jour
jergobardley jergobardley
69   1hr 27min (24 tracks)
Let's have a shambles - you and me, In the back of the ladies' lav-ra-ty, I'll sit on the toilet seat And you can SIT on my knee!.
January 22, 2012 SHORT PEOPLE: Select Scrap Shambles
jergobardley jergobardley
42   2hr 15min (24 tracks)
I Don't Mind if You Get Outta Yer Mind.
January 07, 2012 Mr. Peepers is Creeping