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pepper19 pepper19
880   1hr 13min (21 tracks)
"And when it started to get dark you pointed to the sky, and told me there was a star for every thing you loved about me.
March 03, 2015 your heart against my chest
janet.jongebloed janet.jongebloed
706   45min (20 tracks)
A post-engagement afterparty playlist for lilappleblossom from Reddit.
March 25, 2015 Afterparty
smoothmusicsooth smoothmusicsooth
4,257   31min (8 tracks)
Romantic instrumental music to sit back, relax and spend some quality time with that someone special.
May 19, 2013 Candlelight and Romance
cathartic cathartic
7,351   (20 tracks)
you're the only reason.
May 03, 2014 all about us
nonope nonope
6,247   (18 tracks)
"A Stranger" Lang Leav There is a love I reminisce, like a seed I've never sown Of lips I am yet to kiss, and eyes not met my own Hands that wrap a...
July 13, 2014 Adoring a stranger
vogues vogues
7,366   30min (8 tracks)
slow, beautiful songs that have anything to do with love 13 songs to make your sunday morning more lovelier with your companion *includes intro and o...
May 02, 2013 sea of love
sunsetseason sunsetseason
13,562   30min (8 tracks)
This is for those rainy days in which you only want to cuddle next to that special someone :) You will find beautiful songs by Chris August, Jack Johns...
June 24, 2012 Would you cuddle with me?
madison.xo madison.xo
9,312   33min (30 tracks)
August 01, 2013 a long car ride with harry
megc715 megc715
1,207   1hr 1min (16 tracks)
a mix of romantic and relaxing songs to cuddle to .
August 23, 2013 cuddle weather
sarazzismiles sarazzismiles
19,602   3hr 35min (63 tracks)
Falling in love: for first times, for last times, & for every time in between ❤.
March 07, 2013 Love me like the world is ending
tamiemaria tamiemaria
1,306   42min (14 tracks)
Got challenge from 8tracks.
January 16, 2015 lay me down easy
smilerslovetrouble smilerslovetrouble
1,492   56min (15 tracks)
well this is a playlist with songs that make me sad so if you're in a sad mood DO NOT listen to this, it won't make you feel any better.
January 31, 2014 sad mood;