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bigbangs bigbangs
599   6hr 1min (105 tracks)
me of my favs (that will always be 'golden' to me lawlz too funny thats where the titles from@!!1 12 HAHAHAHAHAHA LAWLz).
March 12, 2015 golden.
sunseller sunseller
117   1hr 48min (34 tracks)
Songs by lesser known boy groups.
February 23, 2015 overshadowed
uncage the boys;
nigguk nigguk
147   2hr 27min (40 tracks)
s-e-x-y: (sek-see) arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest; sensual, suggestive, stimulating.
March 13, 2015 uncage the boys;
Welcome to the Dark Side
14   2hr 1min (33 tracks)
Songs with a darker vibe.
March 24, 2015 Welcome to the Dark Side
K-Pop Downtime
_lavs _lavs
1,384   24min (12 tracks)
Chill k-pop tracks.
September 04, 2013 K-Pop Downtime
Head Bobbin' With It
jen.he.18 jen.he.18
672   3hr 8min (54 tracks)
Songs that varies from a few different genres that I'm into lately.
October 29, 2014 Head Bobbin' With It
no girls allowed
akdongs akdongs
4,002   (64 tracks)
long ass mix of just boys and boy groups fuck it's a mess.
October 27, 2013 no girls allowed
Boys! Boys! Boys!
waeyo waeyo
6,298   3hr 13min (73 tracks)
long ass mix of boys/boy groups hell yeah it's a mess.
June 02, 2013 Boys! Boys! Boys!
Always On My Mind
YeouLin YeouLin
111   1hr 46min (30 tracks)
care, adoration, love .
January 10, 2015 Always On My Mind
K-Pop Mix - Favorites
Commander-in-life Commander-in-life
3,079   (94 tracks)
My favorite k-pop songs, and some other ones that are popular.
July 12, 2013 K-Pop Mix - Favorites
Alone with you
Shane Le Shane Le
303   1hr 3min (20 tracks)
'' You're the last thing on my mind when i go to bed and the first thing i think about when i get up.
December 04, 2014 Alone with you