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.sidewalk vibes
levi.pham levi.pham
1,786   (13 tracks)
For the times you want to burst into an epic dance number on the sidewalk • because why the hell not?.
February 11, 2015 .sidewalk vibes
happy af
niallhooran niallhooran
12,813   (30 tracks)
super happy songs that make you dance in your room :) enjoy.
January 10, 2015 happy af
Pure Shores
pattyshmatty pattyshmatty
225   46min (12 tracks)
Take me to my beach ♥.
April 09, 2013 Pure Shores
be happy
daniellet123 daniellet123
453   1hr 8min (36 tracks)
a fun summery playlist to pick you up and make you want to dance :-) artists include: Walk The Moon, The Mowgli's, Imagine Dragons, etc .
March 04, 2015 be happy
you can turn of the sun, but I am still going to shine
605   1hr 32min (22 tracks)
rise up, start fresh, see the bright opportunity in each new day.
February 24, 2015 you can turn of the sun, but I am still going to shine
summer euphoria
loevclub loevclub
2,426   (37 tracks)
happy upbeat songs that i like to dance around the room to they have a good summer vibe to them!.
May 18, 2014 summer euphoria
I know I am but summer to your heart
natasha.urbancic natasha.urbancic
3,849   (77 tracks)
A collection of feel good songs to start off your summer :).
May 05, 2013 I know I am but summer to your heart
Wake up and live.
Jennaling Jennaling
40,314   (27 tracks)
It’s summer so it’s time to wake up! Get that suit on, grab those shades, wax that board and live your life! Every summer has a story, what’s yours? .
May 10, 2012 Wake up and live.
Feel Good
Kieran Wong Kieran Wong
4,108   (11 tracks)
A few songs for those nice, stressless summer days.
June 15, 2013 Feel Good
Not Another Indie Summer
LittleJo LittleJo
4,242   1min (12 tracks)
Well, if you know me or have listened to any of my mixes before you also know how much I looooove indie music! Even this playlist was meant to be calle...
June 15, 2014 Not Another Indie Summer
Reasons to be happy
Caseythechainsaw Caseythechainsaw
6,586   (15 tracks)
New and old songs to brighten your mood ☼.
June 25, 2013 Reasons to be happy