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Pump Up to Study
a-wee-cactus a-wee-cactus
27   34min (10 tracks)
Let the music give you the energy vibes so you have enough motivation to do at least one homework.
March 30, 2015 Pump Up to Study
Fluorescent Adolescent
Gab_A Gab_A
12   47min (12 tracks)
Twelve tracks including music by -gaga, Arctic Monkeys, and Kaiser Chiefs.
March 27, 2015 Fluorescent Adolescent
I wanna get better
traducingbitch traducingbitch
18   55min (18 tracks)
Mostly upbeat indie rock, but I suppose there are some slow jams in here.
March 27, 2015 I wanna get better
alfs alfs
13   17min (10 tracks)
genuinely good shit.
March 26, 2015 dude
shut up and dance!
girlwiththeguitar girlwiththeguitar
6   1hr 8min (23 tracks)
a list of songs that'll make you wanna get up and dance! .
March 25, 2015 shut up and dance!
my current favourites
threehundred65 threehundred65
28   1hr 36min (26 tracks)
a patchwork playlist of all of my favourite songs at the moment they probably don't mix together well but hopefully you'll discover something ya like.
March 25, 2015 my current favourites
something to listen to
loverstillthedawn loverstillthedawn
10   22min (6 tracks)
mostly vampire weekend tbh (thank u to ryx 4 ur album art <3 ).
March 24, 2015 something to listen to
sunflows sunflows
7,537   50min (14 tracks)
sing ur fkn heart out love.
wutangcookies wutangcookies
28   1hr 3min (15 tracks)
Indie rock dance party.
March 19, 2015 INDIEcredible REMIXES
Make A Deal With A Wolf
gypsyroadrunner gypsyroadrunner
18   32min (9 tracks)
Because it's late, and I need to go to bed, but these songs are too good.
March 19, 2015 Make A Deal With A Wolf
Dance Floor MIX
chinpeik chinpeik
Dance, dance, dance.
March 16, 2015 Dance Floor MIX
rock your socks off
apoplexy apoplexy
24   39min (15 tracks)
the random songs that'll make you get up and dance.
March 15, 2015 rock your socks off