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ATAofficial ATAofficial
12,864   1hr 46min (30 tracks)
31 summer tracks including music by Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, Rihanna and other amazing singers! Enjoy! :).
May 29, 2012 Welcome To Summer 2012!
livesimply livesimply
1,003   1hr 13min (19 tracks)
Disclaimer: This mix, unlike my others, is not for relaxing.
July 03, 2011 sweat.
Alessandraaa Alessandraaa
206   1hr 9min (14 tracks)
21 tracks: some dirty beats, some nice ones, and some that fall in between.
November 21, 2011 Saints&Sinners
shannigans824 shannigans824
158   52min (13 tracks)
Thirteen tracks including music by Bag Raiders, Calvin Harris and CLASSIXX.
May 01, 2011 do you like bass? IGITCHU
1,082   27min (9 tracks)
If you love getting wasted then you'll love this pregame-playlist full of mashups and remixes.
March 09, 2011 Pregame_Mashups
Tony_ng Tony_ng
53,588   6hr 24min (108 tracks)
always tired of finding songs to play at yo party? look no more as i have created the best party playlist everyone can jam too! you can also find some ...
March 28, 2012 Ultimate Party Playlist
Tere Jardines Tere Jardines
865   56min (12 tracks)
Walk walk fashion to the party, baby.
August 21, 2012 Look Like Paris, Party Like Lindsay.
JoanneKim JoanneKim
28,730   4hr 46min (75 tracks)
This eclectic playlist will give you a dose of adrenaline rush & motivation.
April 10, 2012 Extreme Workout
MGetzEm MGetzEm
1,074   1hr 9min (19 tracks)
20 tracks of hip hop that will get your girl moving.
March 06, 2012 Pull a Bad Bitch to This
Dirty_Dircks Dirty_Dircks
668   1hr 21min (20 tracks)
Forget the Hydroxycut, diet pills, and pulling the trigger.
March 10, 2012 From Chunky to Chizzled
nikkilove nikkilove
315   1hr 53min (25 tracks)
Life is my dance party, blast this shit.
June 01, 2011 Even if I weren't schmammered I'd still be dancing.
DJTFresh DJTFresh
31,225   4hr 32min (59 tracks)
When all you want to do is party.
April 12, 2012 All I do is fuckin party