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d0Nk911umiNATI d0Nk911umiNATI
172   2hr 40min (37 tracks)
Widen your portrait and more of the world and beyond becomes clear, yet it still remains mysteriously satisfying.
February 14, 2015 Mapping Out a Paradox
stardrinker stardrinker
490   47min (14 tracks)
"keep in a hospital bed sigh over me, my angel of death hook me up to machines have them all breathe for me" i have flashbacks where im in a hospi...
January 27, 2015 hook me up to machines
grounds of brooklyn grounds of brooklyn
103   3hr 24min (65 tracks)
3 hours of Daniel Quadrino.
September 13, 2014 danny quadrino deserves his own playlist
oiepy oiepy
1,001   58min (15 tracks)
warning: this playlist might cause severe mood swings!! ;___;.
July 19, 2013 Nagarkot Blues
danielinbinary danielinbinary
1,541   2hr 47min (39 tracks)
For those lazy days at home when a warm cup of coffee is all the company you need.
November 15, 2011 This Once Was An Island
#whitegirlproblems #whitegirlproblems
3,153   34min (9 tracks)
You thought you knew acoustic and rap.
December 19, 2011 this is how white people rap
nikole182 nikole182
2,778   34min (22 tracks)
feeling nostalgic and tired of people telling you to grow up? then listen.
August 06, 2013 remember that show?
jswans jswans
11,707   7hr 45min (128 tracks)
Collection of over 100 songs.
December 06, 2012 Atmosphere to Zeppelin
n.gen n.gen
1,230   1hr 30min (26 tracks)
funky ride.
July 04, 2014 beat cave vol. 3
stardrinker stardrinker
411   1hr 1min (18 tracks)
Split his ribs open using my bare hands, but I could not repair all of the damage.
June 08, 2014 Dog Teeth
n.gen n.gen
2,088   1hr 1min (14 tracks)
Can I kick it? 15 hip hop tracks including music by Gatsby, Lupe Fiasco, and One Sixth http://gogogatsby.
December 17, 2012 Higher Learning
skoablog skoablog
181   30min (9 tracks)
Read more about this mix here: http://skoa.
October 03, 2012 Some Kind of Mixtape - September 2012