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aIexus aIexus
0   20min (8 tracks)
includes music from vaults, slk, and more.
April 18, 2015 lifespan
Bedouin's Lament
baylenlevore baylenlevore
2   (13 tracks)
Mourning the death of your love.
April 17, 2015 Bedouin's Lament
i've been takin my meds
herecomesthefeeling herecomesthefeeling
1   38min (9 tracks)
at least i don't want to kill myself all the time.
April 17, 2015 i've been takin my meds
dark and deep
marshyeollow marshyeollow
16   31min (9 tracks)
"Someone told told me to pray, to dream, That it will come true no matter what it is Tell me everything- look at me and tell me Tell me to please stop"...
April 17, 2015 dark and deep
juannw juannw
1   8min (8 tracks)
JuanNW is a musician who comes from the rock/metal scene.
April 17, 2015  Electronica
Trip in the chain of Power
RechargeMyVibe RechargeMyVibe
4   14min (11 tracks)
For fantasy, trippy, main characters with an twist.
April 17, 2015 Trip in the chain of Power
derridie derridie
15   29min (8 tracks)
Sedative tunes.
April 16, 2015 Seroquel
it must be witchcraft♀
xClassicsx xClassicsx
0   1hr 8min (17 tracks)
the darkness is easy to consume once it has it's hold on you.
April 16, 2015 it must be witchcraft♀
Paint me black
matikai matikai
3   51min (12 tracks)
It's almost as if we each have a vampire inside us.
April 16, 2015 Paint me black
dark neverland {peter pan}
poisonously.sweet poisonously.sweet
0   10min (23 tracks)
“Did you just shoot me? Felt like a tickle.
April 18, 2015 dark neverland {peter pan}
Pitch Black Neon Lights
extreme dinosaur extreme dinosaur
3   1hr 16min (18 tracks)
A vision of the 90's movies dark future clubs.
April 17, 2015 Pitch Black Neon Lights