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Post Punk Affiliated
dvsnme dvsnme
1,420   12hr 36min (201 tracks)
Since early 2000 there has been a wave of artists that have pushed the Post-Punk sound forward by infusing other genres such as: Minimal Wave, New Wave...
September 03, 2013 Post Punk Affiliated
Cheap Wine & Cigarretes
satyr-herbalist satyr-herbalist
1,567   38min (8 tracks)
sometimes is necessary.
November 02, 2014 Cheap Wine & Cigarretes
haunted 80s
magicmurderbag magicmurderbag
541   30min (16 tracks)
October 25, 2014 haunted 80s
Shallow grave
caronte caronte
202   34min (8 tracks)
Na encruzilhada em noite de lua cheia.
August 21, 2014 Shallow grave
cinnamon girl cinnamon girl
157   46min (15 tracks)
Passing through the 80's new wave,goth rock to the industrial and darkwave of the 90's, this playlist is to remember that the party never DIES Remember...
October 03, 2014 GOTH CLUB
how the mighty have fallen
sinaptic sinaptic
654   34min (13 tracks)
Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.
June 15, 2014 how the mighty have fallen
Black Celebration - Dark '80s Dance Hits
andruaesthetik andruaesthetik
424   11min (16 tracks)
Atmospheric, dark '80s club classics featuring tracks by: Sisters of Mercy, Clan of Xymox & The Chameleons.
October 30, 2014 Black Celebration - Dark '80s Dance Hits
forzaibra forzaibra
81   43min (13 tracks)
From my post-punk and new wave radio show.
December 27, 2010 4AD
Dark 80's
simon.robeyns simon.robeyns
1,516   52min (31 tracks)
the darker sort of music, from New Order to Sonic Youth gloomy-ish sort of music and a great bunch of groups to discover ~enjoy (few non 80's bands for...
April 22, 2012 Dark 80's
The Roar of a Big Machine
Lily Marlene Lily Marlene
85   25min (12 tracks)
Some more tunes for old-school goths, featuring artists like Sisters of Mercy, Asylum Party, Cocteau Twins and Skeletal Family.
September 27, 2012 The Roar of a Big Machine