Datsik music

jesseb123 jesseb123
740   2hr 20min (39 tracks)
Here's the second installment, your new favorite list.
March 02, 2015 Reese Cleese #2
jesseb123 jesseb123
6,808   3hr 8min (49 tracks)
Buckle up, I'm gonna run you through just a few of my favorites.
February 15, 2015 Reese Cleese #1
JJWhite JJWhite
2,588   35min (8 tracks)
Some songs that bang quite hard.
October 08, 2013 If Jesus Dropped The Bass... It would sound like this.
bandageboy bandageboy
6,967   29min (9 tracks)
other song suggestions are welcome.
July 16, 2014 ? Wanna Party ¿
parkerh_ parkerh_
2,727   1hr 54min (36 tracks)
constantly updated with the dopest trap/edm tracks out there.
March 04, 2015  it's a trap!
Asiataylor16 Asiataylor16
4,995   2hr 47min (43 tracks)
Beats, man.
February 10, 2015 trapaholic
itMakesNoSense itMakesNoSense
3,218   18min (8 tracks)
Feel the fear.
February 08, 2014 Midnight Tyrannosaurus
hackattack242 hackattack242
9,498   6hr 3min (86 tracks)
GO HARD OR GO HOME - Warning : BASS RAPE IMMINENT I personally got a headache making this mix - GOOD LUCK.
October 21, 2014 100 tracks of Intense, In Your Face BASS
Furiously Female Furiously Female
1,014   1hr 4min (21 tracks)
Some of my favorites.
June 08, 2012 Here's a Kick in the Bass,
Mark Faviell Mark Faviell
4,124   1hr 21min (25 tracks)
tRAP /rAP mIX .
June 09, 2014 Rattle
TofuScream TofuScream
644   31min (9 tracks)
Nineteen tracks including music by Adventure Club Dubstep, Anderia, and Bassnectar.
March 03, 2012 Music To Feel The Dub Wub
LoadedPhysicist LoadedPhysicist
1,236   37min (8 tracks)
A mix for a Captain who was betrayed by the country she swore to serve and the Artificial Intelligence system that refused to leave her side.