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bands are gr8 :-)
w0exapril_ w0exapril_
songs that i love by ya know bands and other stuff (-:.
October 25, 2013 bands are gr8 :-)
floatingvibez floatingvibez
March 08, 2015 febreze
Spawning Metal
ArchlordArnold ArchlordArnold
1,754   29min (10 tracks)
Starts off slow then rages steady.
September 17, 2014 Spawning Metal
Melodic Death Metal Vol.1
stoomby stoomby
445   50min (16 tracks)
A single step - a garbled life Where's the profit? Your rage - the pain Will it all be worth it?.
April 06, 2011 Melodic Death Metal Vol.1
All Hallow's Eve
Pandorasaquarium Pandorasaquarium
1,190   1hr 43min (35 tracks)
Under the blood moon, he's fed by shadows in the night dancing in a fervent fire lead circle, Athame as your guide as the witch's hour approaches ...
October 31, 2011 All Hallow's Eve
It's Metal Brain Corrodes.
kmcpherson kmcpherson
771   4min (16 tracks)
This is from a request from @couplandrob.
April 09, 2012 It's Metal Brain Corrodes.
Pregame Pump up
Edelschein Edelschein
6,274   (10 tracks)
everybody loves to get pumped up before the big game.
May 25, 2013 Pregame Pump up
Holocaust of your eardrums
redunderthebed redunderthebed
229   1hr 13min (17 tracks)
Seventeen tracks including music by Cannibal Corpse, Carcass and Cradle of Filth.
August 05, 2010 Holocaust of your eardrums
Stacey's Secret Antagonist Playlist
luerann luerann
869   22min (10 tracks)
Villian playlist for the CWHTunes Villian Playlist Challenge.
September 19, 2014 Stacey's Secret Antagonist Playlist
Make Noise
quilliuq quilliuq
964   (20 tracks)
My favorites.
August 01, 2012 Make Noise
This is how we wage war.
epicbearman epicbearman
307   (10 tracks)
feeling like something beautiful needs to be destroyed by your hands? crank this up in your headset and bring the pain.
July 22, 2010 This is how we wage war.
GroovySloth GroovySloth
237   37min (12 tracks)
some shit to rage and break everything to.
March 13, 2012 Rage!