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coolruppy coolruppy
88   30min (8 tracks)
TT: It's probably not about dying at all.
March 16, 2015 Strilondes
burgundyrose burgundyrose
44   34min (10 tracks)
you know how to make a man feel useless (art by tumblr user frithia).
April 06, 2015 love; it dissipates
thanksalec thanksalec
a final masterpiece .
March 24, 2015 curtain call
horrorterriers horrorterriers
824   37min (11 tracks)
Side A (and part one) of the Revolutionary Mixtapes, an alpha!daverose FST quartet.
August 23, 2013 We Will Rise Like Before
bloggingwithcats bloggingwithcats
483   33min (9 tracks)
I swear I think about something other than incestuous sixteen-year-olds.
April 02, 2013 This Is Wrong
ViolentlyVioley ViolentlyVioley
257   (14 tracks)
TG: i command her alright i am like the pimpmaster hustledaddy of all snippy bookshrews ( art ~ http://nuclearcarrots.
December 02, 2014 (derse)astrous
yoonmin yoonmin
places traded, worst replaced, blessed, rewarded, cursed, disgraced, brought to life reversed, erased, final breath, first embrace cover art @ lazili.
February 22, 2013 final breath, first embrace
likehellohello likehellohello
522   28min (8 tracks)
album art by moonstruckneophyte.
October 23, 2013 Walking Disasters
conquers conquers
463   36min (9 tracks)
there's a great black wave in the middle of the sea cover art credit to http://nuclearcarrots.
July 26, 2013 speak it in tongues
virgin-maryam virgin-maryam
481   35min (8 tracks)
I'm tired of being a dinosaur.
April 26, 2013 waiting for the world to end - a dersecest fst
feferi feferi
397   26min (8 tracks)
One track including music by dodoazevedo.
June 07, 2012 Back in Time
KawaiiCasper KawaiiCasper
60   9min (11 tracks)
Trying to make it work but man these times are hard.
March 08, 2015 Addicted