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♔The Naughtiest of Them All♔
americastar50 americastar50
27   1hr 23min (23 tracks)
For the Princesses with pure hearts and less than pure behavior .
April 01, 2015 ♔The Naughtiest of Them All♔
Sex Baby
indecentdarling indecentdarling
13   56min (14 tracks)
hit it and quit it .
April 01, 2015 Sex Baby
you're the only one i desire.
fegetface fegetface
27   31min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks including music by Anya Marina, Big Sean, and DARK SKY PARADISE.
March 29, 2015 you're the only one i desire.
spitters are quitters
sinnerhoran sinnerhoran
19   31min (9 tracks)
songs that really go with a certain side of louis that we all know and crave.
March 29, 2015 spitters are quitters
Illuminatalie Illuminatalie
24   27min (8 tracks)
Seven tracks including music by Britney Spears, Keys N Krates, and The Neighbourhood.
March 29, 2015 DIRTY
4 dah yute dem
virginscary virginscary
24   39min (11 tracks)
Bump this playlist in your whip while you're routing to drop that one yat down south an 8ball!.
March 29, 2015 4 dah yute dem
all hands on deck
Zakiraa Zakiraa
107   38min (11 tracks)
March 28, 2015 all hands on deck
Sweet insanity
The French Leprechaun The French Leprechaun
53   39min (14 tracks)
Duration : 58 min Half dirty, half insane, this playlist could fit well for a huge party in an asylum.
March 17, 2015 Sweet insanity
why so dirty . . .
pewpew_annabel pewpew_annabel
3   27min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks including music by Ironii l 皮肉, Kagamine Len, and Kaitotoro Totoro (´ ▽`).
March 15, 2015 why so dirty . . .
yes, please
talar.basmajian talar.basmajian
21   (9 tracks)
songs to have sex to or just listen to if you're into dirty songs!.
March 14, 2015 yes, please
shirkmagazine shirkmagazine
2   51min (15 tracks)
High-heels, fur and glitter.
March 13, 2015 DIRTY CITY NIGHTS
I'm kind of a dirtbag
14   28min (8 tracks)
music for the disgusting freak inside of you.
March 13, 2015 I'm kind of a dirtbag