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Da_fi Da_fi
102   1hr 10min (22 tracks)
Listen to these twenty tracks including music by Benoit Pioulard, Bonobo and Cloud Control accompanied with an aged Glenfarclas.
November 17, 2010 A-Forbidden Indie Radio
mjrose324 mjrose324
23   24min (8 tracks)
Some music that makes me feel like tapping my toes and going for a walk in the hills.
October 12, 2010 Music for a crisp autumn morning
Wabisabe Wabisabe
143   47min (13 tracks)
making your pussy wet with regret.
August 15, 2011 Desire, sex & regret
Duran Duran Duran Duran
5,170   49min (14 tracks)
The soundtrack to John Taylor's memoir In The Pleasure Groove: Love Death & Duran Duran.
June 20, 2013 John Taylor
laurabeans6 laurabeans6
153   40min (14 tracks)
Fourteen tracks including music by Aretha Franklin, Bobby Byrd and Bobby Womack that I grew up on.
March 25, 2010 Records I stole from my parents
M_Bizzle M_Bizzle
441   2hr 5min (31 tracks)
The original samples from every track off the amazing Donuts album by J Dilla.
January 19, 2014 Dilla Donuts: Original Samples
oldgreycat oldgreycat
775   48min (25 tracks)
The Cashbox Top 25 hits for 1979, including songs from Amii Stewart, Blondie and Herb Alpert.
April 08, 2011 The Top 25 of 1979
KnowYourOnion KnowYourOnion
362   2hr 27min (36 tracks)
41 fantasy tracks for life between play and pause.
February 13, 2014 Let's Make A Deal To Not Make A Deal
AllHoppedUpReadyToGo AllHoppedUpReadyToGo
247   2hr 5min (31 tracks)
Thirty-one tracks that shaped the New York dancefloor of the 1970s, at parties and clubs such as the Sanctuary, the Loft, the Gallery, and Paradise Gar...
June 02, 2011 Chapter 13) The Apple Stretching
christine.oconnor.18 christine.oconnor.18
145   1hr 56min (26 tracks)
Thirty-two tracks including music by ABBA Universe, Abba, and Abba Gold.
January 28, 2015 Man, I wish I was alive in the 70s
Κathleen Βats Κathleen Βats
400   3hr 31min (58 tracks)
Singles from the year 1977 part 1.
February 06, 2014 The Unforgettables (1977)
mjrose324 mjrose324
118   35min (9 tracks)
Some euphorically wonderful pop-soul-rock-reggae loveliness.
August 30, 2010 What I feel like listening to on a sunny Monday