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The Fabulous 50s!
Retronom Retronom
1,170   22min (38 tracks)
This time, we went back to the 50s, with Elvis, Little Richard, pin-up girls and cadillacs 8-) Another playlist from Retronom for 50s theme party, with...
March 01, 2015 The Fabulous 50s!
Good Vibrations
Wilderbiz Wilderbiz
192   33min (13 tracks)
Some doo-Wopy music, for maybe a more upbeat playlist.
February 21, 2015 Good Vibrations
Blue Without You
junesraindrop junesraindrop
11   20min (9 tracks)
collection of oldies jazz/doo wop vibe tracks inspired by this mix: http://8tracks.
March 27, 2015 Blue Without You
Oh boy
peripher peripher
24   41min (18 tracks)
No I'm fine, thanks.
March 28, 2015 Oh boy
Pretty in Black
stevenTHEdestroyer stevenTHEdestroyer
44   21min (12 tracks)
Fun and Gritty.
March 18, 2015 Pretty in Black
kitties kitties
1,965   (15 tracks)
modern music inspired by the doo wop, bubblegum pop and soul sounds of the 50s and 60s (image is lana del rey, obviously).
February 07, 2015 keen
staringatthestars staringatthestars
3,989   (10 tracks)
doo-wop pop songs from the 50s and 60s.
January 25, 2014 oldies
take me back
corinballerina corinballerina
2,449   (16 tracks)
A wonderful mix dedicated to the better days of music.
March 18, 2014 take me back
For people who like to tap their toes and snap their fingers while working...
MattyJams MattyJams
4,852   54min (16 tracks)
About an hour of music from artists like Al Green, Bobby Womack and Curtis Mayfield.
September 06, 2010 For people who like to tap their toes and snap their fingers while working...
Life Could Be A Dream
alexandrajoan alexandrajoan
2,313   (12 tracks)
milkshakes and doo wop (and harry styles) all you need.
August 24, 2014 Life Could Be A Dream