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unheimlich93 unheimlich93
533   1hr 20min (12 tracks)
"Only at night and all alone [.
November 05, 2014 Stream of Disquiet
nitlott nitlott
259   37min (8 tracks)
how could this go so very wrong that I must depend on darkness?.
December 29, 2012 darkness is what you left in me
Mishuggah Mishuggah
191   2hr 5min (25 tracks)
Of drinking brandy and wine and keeping warm in cold winter nights in company of friendly faces.
February 08, 2013 Wintercholia caravan
skundrel skundrel
49   1hr 20min (14 tracks)
July 15, 2012 METALUGA
josta59 josta59
11   1hr 8min (16 tracks)
Named after a dumb idea I had to name a new bock after the Young's Literal translation of the Bible.
May 02, 2014 Hung's Literal
theskunkcatcher theskunkcatcher
14   48min (9 tracks)
This is what I've gotten into this year.
March 24, 2014 The Year 2014: 2