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oh wordd
audiyomind audiyomind
3,873   (15 tracks)
Fifteen tracks including music by Lupe Fiasco, Chiddy Bang, and Childish Gambino.
May 29, 2011 oh wordd
Dope ass shit
f-ckers f-ckers
594   17min (8 tracks)
dope ass rap that will make you feel like a G when you blast it in your car.
May 02, 2012 Dope ass shit
Dirty Swaggin' Hip Hop
JonnyPeka JonnyPeka
4,608   53min (20 tracks)
Deep Dirty Swaggin Hip Hop to get you psyched.
January 06, 2012 Dirty Swaggin' Hip Hop
Dope Shit
FuckingFelix FuckingFelix
3,017   2min (12 tracks)
May 25, 2014 Dope Shit
Let's Play the Blame Game
thecainster thecainster
7,238   (15 tracks)
A mix of some dope songs to jam to whenever wherever, it's as simple as that.
November 10, 2012 Let's Play the Blame Game
Dopest of the Dope
masonjb52 masonjb52
941   (19 tracks)
The sweetest, most bad ass trap and dubstep songs out there.
February 25, 2013 Dopest of the Dope
Snapbacks & Tattoos
SquaL SquaL
6,855   28min (31 tracks)
Dope shit everyone can Bump to.
September 23, 2012 Snapbacks & Tattoos
Turn The Fuck Up!
FR3SHBOYwilliams FR3SHBOYwilliams
15,082   (22 tracks)
Pop a Molly, Break shit, Get Money, Fuck Bitches, Get ignorant, Don't give a Fuck, And Turn up! XD.
August 12, 2013 Turn The Fuck Up!
Whitt32 Whitt32
1,514   44min (19 tracks)
20 bumpin songs.
December 12, 2013 TWERK IT
Hip Hop
~Vße~ ~Vße~
531   (8 tracks)
May 04, 2013 Hip Hop
Sundae Funday
polowills polowills
669   (30 tracks)
33 tracks from Juicy J, XXYYXX, Rick Ross, and many more.
August 20, 2012 Sundae Funday
New Underground Hip Hop from the West Coast
acedogg acedogg
787   2hr 2min (33 tracks)
33 dope tracks with music by Pac Div, Casey Veggies, Blu & many more All songs are from new California artists.
September 08, 2011 New Underground Hip Hop from the West Coast