Dream pop + female vocalists

☽ fille fatale ☾
priscillapresley priscillapresley
696   (8 tracks)
this is no time for schoolgirl games.
October 04, 2013 ☽ fille fatale ☾
Babe Club
goneforthesummer goneforthesummer
437   1hr 11min (24 tracks)
All about girls with guitars.
January 23, 2015 Babe Club
PopRocks and Diet Coke
jambruce jambruce
I've been on a pop kick lately so I decided to make a mix with my current favorites.
June 22, 2013 PopRocks and Diet Coke
Magic In Her Voice. Part 2
LeAwesomeKiki LeAwesomeKiki
733   (16 tracks)
Recent enchanting tracks with female vocals by artists such as GEMS, Ellie Goulding, Kyla La Grange etc.
February 05, 2014 Magic In Her Voice. Part 2
lana&similar artists.
ohsourwolves ohsourwolves
lana del rey + similar artists such as banks, ms mr & many more.
January 31, 2014 lana&similar artists.
smoke machines
hymn hymn
1,316   52min (40 tracks)
let me breathe your hauntings in.
August 17, 2013 smoke machines
magic beach motel
briana_kelley briana_kelley
863   16min (9 tracks)
rad songs sung by some rad ladies.
January 05, 2015 magic beach motel
czasprawie czasprawie
369   15min (8 tracks)
Welcome to the world of pink clouds and fairy tales, where the sweet female voices will pull you into their sparkling dreams full of shiny beats and me...
February 24, 2013 glitter.
beggin for thread
kathedrals kathedrals
For quiet and chill days.
December 01, 2014 beggin for thread
Favorites (Best of 2013-14) - All women
indierinrin indierinrin
A selection of my favorites discovered between 2013 and 2014.
January 15, 2015 Favorites (Best of 2013-14) - All women