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Lets take a drive
ChangeYourLifee ChangeYourLifee
Just a random mix of perfect songs, for all night drives and summertime feels .
March 11, 2015 Lets take a drive
Drive it like I stole it
p.turner p.turner
5,177   41min (12 tracks)
March 11, 2015 Drive it like I stole it
just let go, enjoy the ride
70sliam 70sliam
194   27min (9 tracks)
chill out.
March 24, 2015 just let go, enjoy the ride
Road Trip
ClaireAndy ClaireAndy
1,912   53min (21 tracks)
I'll be driving a lot soon, and this is the mix for those summer nights on the road.
February 27, 2015 Road Trip
quiffalex quiffalex
1,087   (9 tracks)
a mostly indie playlist for spring .
March 08, 2015 spring
you've got the love
reflect reflect
2,120   (36 tracks)
life don't animate, just creeps up on ya slowly (i made this for personal use).
March 03, 2015 you've got the love
Windows Down
gilliannquinn gilliannquinn
130   31min (10 tracks)
Music to listen to when you're sick of that one playlist you play over and over again.
March 19, 2015 Windows Down
emsj09 emsj09
67   (23 tracks)
Songs that'll get stuck in your head all day The Wombats, Neon Trees, The 1975.
March 20, 2015 Earworms
late night drives
jazzysays jazzysays
727   54min (15 tracks)
March 16, 2015 late night drives
Lets go for a drive
morgan_maclachlan33 morgan_maclachlan33
658   (19 tracks)
Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.
February 28, 2015 Lets go for a drive
The Year: 1988: Yokohama, Japan
クロミアChromia+ クロミアChromia+
32   32min (10 tracks)
Tomei RB28DETT.
March 25, 2015 The Year: 1988: Yokohama, Japan
micaeladuran micaeladuran
392   36min (10 tracks)
A bit of random stuff for driving around.
March 11, 2015 Unsteady