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The dubstep that sooths my ears' need for BASSSS
jrgtiger33 jrgtiger33
2,139   (9 tracks)
Nine tracks including music by Benga, Flux Pavilion and Bassnectar.
April 10, 2011 The dubstep that sooths my ears' need for BASSSS
Lucid Dreams
darianivory darianivory
4,724   50min (24 tracks)
Drops harder than an atom bomb.
May 13, 2013 Lucid Dreams
A Trip Into The Mindd
mmmaniac mmmaniac
16,456   1hr 11min (33 tracks)
33 Tracks to guide you through a psychedelic journey into the mind and onto the wall.
July 26, 2011 A Trip Into The Mindd
give me more dubsex
nightsinhalifax nightsinhalifax
1,103   (23 tracks)
sexy drops and remixes for any day and any time.
June 10, 2011 give me more dubsex
I Can't Feel My Face
MrKnobbyMusic MrKnobbyMusic
435   (21 tracks)
21 face melting dubstep tracks including Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, and Zeds Dead.
June 03, 2011 I Can't Feel My Face
Death by Dubstep
7,079   (20 tracks)
20 tracks of filthy face-melting dubstep.
March 10, 2012 Death by Dubstep
kaleidoscope eyes
emmaxjill emmaxjill
207   34min (10 tracks)
A nice dirty bass infested collection of some of my favorites at the moment.
August 13, 2011 kaleidoscope eyes
I Dub You
Eman0n Eman0n
10,216   (24 tracks)
Eclectic Dub Mix.
June 04, 2013 I Dub You
"Would You Like Dubstep with that?" HELL YEA
Zephly Zephly
297   21min (14 tracks)
To quote flux pavilion.
April 27, 2011 "Would You Like Dubstep with that?" HELL YEA
Filthy & Ferocious
stilldigging stilldigging
476   14min (9 tracks)
Lions, and tigers, and bears Oh, my! Eight tracks including music by Skrillex, Nero, and Zeds Dead.
April 08, 2011 Filthy & Ferocious
Steppin out
tawkinhedz tawkinhedz
15   7min (8 tracks)
Music to pregame to.
January 04, 2010 Steppin out
DKdangles DKdangles
2,794   24min (11 tracks)
You wanted another dubstep mix so after a long search for greatness here it is.
July 07, 2011 Thugstep