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Riddler Riddler
1,495   42min (14 tracks)
"Dubstep is so dirty that when my roommate walked in, I switched back to porn" Dubstep is the dirtiest thing ever.
March 14, 2011 Ear Poppin Dubstep
MyndlessMatt MyndlessMatt
280   14min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks including music by 2pac, Nirvana - and Ginuwine.
February 19, 2011 Lets Party to the Dubstep club anthems
Chillout Vibes Chillout Vibes
4,698   40min (10 tracks)
Are you ready? Next mix at 350 Followers!!.
May 01, 2013 Dubstep like no ever!
zfranciose zfranciose
62,329   25min (12 tracks)
What is Dubstep? 1.
January 07, 2011 Filthy Dubstep
The Mystic The Mystic
294   28min (8 tracks)
Probably the filthiest dub shit on 8tracks.
June 05, 2011 Filthiest Fucking Dubstep
Ehill12 Ehill12
87   23min (8 tracks)
Sick mixes I found across the internet.
March 21, 2011 Respect the Dub
DKdangles DKdangles
2,807   42min (11 tracks)
You wanted another dubstep mix so after a long search for greatness here it is.
July 07, 2011 Thugstep
shivaplease shivaplease
108   50min (11 tracks)
Some dubstep essentials that (as the name should imply) are a good intro to dubstep.
April 26, 2011 Dubstep 101
jsim96 jsim96
824   1hr 2min (15 tracks)
The best of the best.
July 21, 2011 Dubsweat
MrKnobbyMusic MrKnobbyMusic
452   1hr 32min (21 tracks)
21 face melting dubstep tracks including Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, and Zeds Dead.
June 03, 2011 I Can't Feel My Face
Brainles123 Brainles123
214   53min (14 tracks)
Twenty tracks including music by Benga, Doctor P, and Dodge that will get you so hyped on Dubstep you won't want to stop.
May 31, 2011 Put Dubbin'
The Mystic The Mystic
217   30min (8 tracks)
Not for pussies.
June 05, 2011 Damn Dirty Dubstep