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Phase I: roll a jay and turn up the tunes
lezzy lezzy
3,636   50min (13 tracks)
Right now, you wish you were as high as Captain Chronic is.
March 31, 2011 Phase I: roll a jay and turn up the tunes
kenzi.rae kenzi.rae
9,110   32min (9 tracks)
I am a huge fan of reggae-dub.
January 30, 2013 Dubalicious
Phase II: light it, hit it, pass it.
lezzy lezzy
1,360   29min (8 tracks)
On 4/20 anything is possible, you just gotta smoke enough weed.
April 20, 2011 Phase II: light it, hit it, pass it.
Good Shit
Giorgio Álvarez Afonso Giorgio Álvarez Afonso
1,816   47min (15 tracks)
Bob Marley, Zead Dead, Freestylers.
May 24, 2012 Good Shit
1,917   1hr 7min (20 tracks)
ultimate stoner mix, roll a blunt, or pack the bong, hell! roll the blunt and pack the bong and just chill to Twenty tracks including music by S...
February 05, 2011 Stonertastic
dancin' in the breeze
ziggyzach ziggyzach
6,714   1hr 18min (18 tracks)
escape to your own paradise.
March 02, 2013 dancin' in the breeze
The Classic Smoke Track
jayhoww jayhoww
4,255   52min (16 tracks)
These songs remind me of when I first started smoking with my buddies.
November 26, 2012 The Classic Smoke Track
Best Buds
jerisamantha jerisamantha
597   22min (8 tracks)
A mix of awesome songs to put you in a good mood when smoking whether it is while cruising or just sitting in your favorite spot!.
August 27, 2013 Best Buds
Jammin N Groovin
pollutedpeople pollutedpeople
1,745   23min (10 tracks)
Light one and sit back to these jams.
August 16, 2012 Jammin N Groovin
Stoner Jamz Part 2
_confucius _confucius
3,128   1hr 3min (23 tracks)
24 chill tracks including songs by Sublime, Bob Marley, Easy Star All Stars, Slightly Stoopid, Bonobo, and many more.
September 03, 2012 Stoner Jamz Part 2
Stoner's Delight V
dead_dave dead_dave
957   46min (10 tracks)
Smoke what you got, then jam out to these ten dubstep tracks including music by Mimosa, Rusko and Caspa.
December 20, 2010 Stoner's Delight V