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maddierau maddierau
331   1hr 7min (27 tracks)
Thirty-four tracks including music by Calvin Harris, Bag Raiders, and 3OH!3.
April 27, 2011 electronic.techno.delicious
Late Night Rave
pennyforyourthoughts pennyforyourthoughts
557   11min (9 tracks)
We have 9 tracks including music by Tiesto, Benny Benassi and The Bloody Beetroots.
November 17, 2010 Late Night Rave
Techno Techno Techno Kaiju Kaiju Kaiju
alecbaldwin alecbaldwin
2,488   49min (12 tracks)
a newton geiszler guide to getting fucked up on x, putting on gojira tai megaro and engaging in consensual bdsm with this chick you know.
August 14, 2013 Techno Techno Techno Kaiju Kaiju Kaiju
Trance/Techno/Dubstep (Fall Mini Mix 2011)
icyslick icyslick
173   26min (12 tracks)
Do you like trance? Do you like techno? Do you like Dubstep? Why not have all three in this mini mix.
November 03, 2011 Trance/Techno/Dubstep (Fall Mini Mix 2011)
Sexy. Fast. Electro. Beats.
LizetteBlanco LizetteBlanco
1,796   (26 tracks)
Nineteen tracks including music by Armin Van Buuren, Benny Benassi, and David Guetta.
July 15, 2011 Sexy. Fast. Electro. Beats.
Dirty Electric
andymaul123 andymaul123
315   8min (9 tracks)
A playlist of dirty and glitchy electronic music that just begs to be played loudly.
February 22, 2012 Dirty Electric
Sweat It Out
dowsa dowsa
325   (12 tracks)
14 gym-perfect tracks to make you feel the burn.
February 09, 2012 Sweat It Out
cozzafrenzy's Orgasmic mix that you will get wett too.
CozzaFrenzy CozzaFrenzy
113   29min (8 tracks)
Nine tracks including music by BassHunter, Bassnectar and Benny Benassi,Dubstep.
April 26, 2011 cozzafrenzy's Orgasmic mix that you will get wett too.
synchroswimmr synchroswimmr
254   50min (8 tracks)
Seven tracks including music by Bassnectar, Deadmau5 and Haley vs.
January 10, 2011 T3cn0-du88-h0U53
Techno..Tech-YES! (&&some.DUB)
honeybunnylove honeybunnylove
308   (12 tracks)
this mix is 'Louder Than Words' filled with blinding 'Lights' that will never want you to get 'Outta Here'.
August 10, 2011 Techno..Tech-YES! (&&some.DUB)
Only The Best. EnJoY
primary_operator primary_operator
85   37min (10 tracks)
Some fast, some slow, so just sit back and enjoy the show.
May 19, 2011 Only The Best. EnJoY