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mashup city
aureleis aureleis
2,454   1hr 7min (15 tracks)
eminem, kanye, tove lo, avicii- here's the spot for all your dubby remixes and mashups.
March 30, 2015 mashup city
Colors That You Shine
AJ Miller AJ Miller
6,252   40min (9 tracks)
Remixes and Mashups of the best songs from today and yesterday.
September 24, 2012 Colors That You Shine
taylor mixes.
lovatto lovatto
4,409   28min (7 tracks)
taylor swift remixes, mashups and stuff idk.
September 29, 2013 taylor mixes.
Remix Pleasure
Katernin Katernin
7,885   43min (10 tracks)
Basically just remixed songs with bass and all that good stuff.
January 03, 2014 Remix Pleasure
dirty dubz remixes
evrybdydancenw evrybdydancenw
1,336   51min (10 tracks)
Ten remixed tracks including music by Borgore, Butch Clancy, and The Glitch Mob.
July 05, 2011 dirty dubz remixes
Let's Remix this business
our.generation.shines our.generation.shines
1,915   1hr 1min (14 tracks)
Songs that you thought were a bit sad just turned rad.
August 09, 2013 Let's Remix this business
time to play.
peanutbutterandkelly peanutbutterandkelly
764   57min (14 tracks)
tracks on tracks on tracks (13 and 1/2 that will make you wanna not wear clothing).
March 20, 2012 time to play.
mix mix mix
sebaduranb sebaduranb
1,453   30min (7 tracks)
good mixes, music, have a good time!.
May 26, 2013 mix mix mix
Bangin' Beach Beats
caroline_jones caroline_jones
1,775   41min (12 tracks)
Upbeat summer beach songs to kick the summer off.
May 05, 2012 Bangin' Beach Beats
(Insert Pop-Song) Dubstep Remix
Mikazaru Mikazaru
601   1hr 7min (15 tracks)
Listen to Fifteen pop tracks remixed for your dubstep pleasure.
February 02, 2012 (Insert Pop-Song) Dubstep Remix
mashed like potatoes&gravy.
Alyssa Rae Alyssa Rae
479   1hr 4min (12 tracks)
Popular songs such as Teach Me How to Dougie, Alejandro, and Pursuit of Happiness mixed with dubstep and electro.
January 04, 2012 mashed like potatoes&gravy.