Easy listening + pop

just listen
han.wengyee.sheryl han.wengyee.sheryl
5,152   1hr 58min (38 tracks)
it's a playlist of whatever i like.
January 21, 2015 just listen
Boztown.radio Boztown.radio
10,084   26min (6 tracks)
The Folk-rock that you need ! including music Oasis, Nirvana, Boztown.
November 15, 2014  FanPower
you say you want to get away…
suzieclark suzieclark
11,924   43min (12 tracks)
everything will be okay!.
November 21, 2014 you say you want to get away…
Brandy Music
PaThiv PaThiv
7,784   33min (8 tracks)
Absolute Chilled playlist.
November 15, 2014 Brandy Music
The Magic of Covers
BurningNights BurningNights
657   2hr 4min (34 tracks)
Covers are like magical creatures.
February 11, 2015 The Magic of Covers
Red lips & Gold voice
ppote ppote
3,281   26min (8 tracks)
Everything is in the title :) Eight tracks including music by Cranberries, Bjork, and Boztown.
November 14, 2014 Red lips & Gold voice
Feel Good
samxanxtha samxanxtha
366   57min (17 tracks)
Songs that instantly put me into a good mood =).
January 26, 2015 Feel Good
Heartstrings: The Ultimate Collection
mickyick mickyick
2,548   2hr 3min (49 tracks)
Songs about love and such.
January 03, 2014 Heartstrings: The Ultimate Collection