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Rivers and Roads
1400283314 1400283314
190   4hr 26min (76 tracks)
My road trip playlist filled with all sorts of treasures and surprises.
March 24, 2015 Rivers and Roads
i'm sixteen and everything sucks
wishiwaspecial wishiwaspecial
116   43min (11 tracks)
why i wasn't born earlier ????? now music sounds like shit.
March 22, 2015 i'm sixteen and everything sucks
Stevie Nicks is my mom
coffeecocktail coffeecocktail
748   54min (15 tracks)
Stevie NIcks is everything and more.
February 08, 2015 Stevie Nicks is my mom
ossuarius ossuarius
151   35min (10 tracks)
adjective of or relating to the ancient Greek oracle at Delphi.
March 01, 2015 Delphic
sammyyy7 sammyyy7
1,765   (15 tracks)
some of my favorite 80s songs from various genres :-).
March 05, 2015 80s
maggie's ipod
allyturnerx allyturnerx
298   20min (15 tracks)
February 17, 2015 maggie's ipod
The 80s Are Back!
SamibG SamibG
1,719   (16 tracks)
Eighties hits to sing your heart out.
February 09, 2015 The 80s Are Back!
neo-Neon: Eighties Retro
jellycopter jellycopter
3   43min (18 tracks)
contemporary tracks influenced by 80's vibes.
March 26, 2015 neo-Neon: Eighties Retro
Synthpop Heroes
drommels drommels
259   6hr 10min (63 tracks)
63 Essential Synthpop classics, the long versions.
March 01, 2015 Synthpop Heroes
Sherri's Birthday Playlist
jentusch jentusch
61   4hr 4min (63 tracks)
Mostly Seventies and Eighties songs you know by heart.
March 20, 2015 Sherri's Birthday Playlist
Spring It On.
Bitterlee Bitterlee
23   48min (10 tracks)
Freestyle guilty-pleasures back from the vault for a retro Spring.
March 18, 2015 Spring It On.
New Wave, Indie & Snow
wayneenterprises wayneenterprises
232   42min (11 tracks)
Somehow, every time it snows and is freezing outside, I like to put my headphones on and listen to the new wave, post-punk and indie music from the 80'...
January 20, 2015 New Wave, Indie & Snow