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Lowenstein 1991
menti.cide menti.cide
251   1hr 12min (18 tracks)
A mixture of female vocalists, with dreamy voices, and Post-rock, blending with Dream pop and Shoegaze (Cover art by Hikari Shimoda).
February 13, 2015 Lowenstein 1991
a l l   o f   m y   t h o u g h t s
wmwmwm wmwmwm
24   1hr 54min (27 tracks)
English + Japanese dreaminess Cover Artwork: Sofia Ajram http://www.
March 16, 2015 a l l   o f   m y   t h o u g h t s
Everything Beautiful Is Far Away
sllalle sllalle
214   1hr 17min (16 tracks)
Pleasant songs to watch the stars by.
August 19, 2009 Everything Beautiful Is Far Away
Dreams like silent movies
Eridactyl Eridactyl
105   54min (13 tracks)
Fourteen tracks to enjoy including music by Mogwai, Amiina and Dntel.
January 03, 2010 Dreams like silent movies
Food for the mind-tank
seedofbilly seedofbilly
151   1hr 20min (17 tracks)
Shoegaze and electronic mix, music to stretch the mind.
April 27, 2012 Food for the mind-tank
With You, With Me
cinnamonmocha cinnamonmocha
165   35min (9 tracks)
Ten tracks including music by M83, Boy Is Fiction, and Helios.
October 13, 2011 With You, With Me
The doctor came at dawn
menti.cide menti.cide
128   2hr 30min (35 tracks)
"When I was otherwise".
February 16, 2014 The doctor came at dawn
I hear the planet at night
cinnamonmocha cinnamonmocha
157   30min (8 tracks)
tracks including music by John Murphy, The Glitch Mob and M83.
April 08, 2011 I hear the planet at night
dapeleon dapeleon
233   58min (11 tracks)
Thirthteen tracks including music by Hammock, Kashiwa Daisuke, and Mogwai.
December 14, 2011 LISTEN . FEEL . RELEASE
National Geographic
vistobien vistobien
322   59min (16 tracks)
A soundtrack for a smart guys documentary.
March 06, 2010 National Geographic
Mixed Feelings
_stargazer _stargazer
188   40min (10 tracks)
Some of my favourites, altogether in a playlist.
May 08, 2012 Mixed Feelings
minamirei minamirei
487   39min (8 tracks)
8tracks including music by Röyksopp,65daysofstatic and M83.
November 02, 2012 Prozac