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wi†ching hour
fuckhaylee fuckhaylee
108   (24 tracks)
i am the plague.
December 24, 2014 wi†ching hour
nephele's effigies
nina3ff nina3ff
289   21min (10 tracks)
cover by jacqueline riman.
October 06, 2013 nephele's effigies
†witching•kittץ† vol.8
cinnamonmocha cinnamonmocha
258   45min (13 tracks)
enchanted iciness laced with silent violence.
January 30, 2015 †witching•kittץ† vol.8
Weird spells to break the bit-wave of death
Dreamaencer Dreamaencer
Twelve tracks including music by Crystal Castles, Fuck Buttons and oOoOO.
June 11, 2010 Weird spells to break the bit-wave of death
fahadzaman fahadzaman
339   29min (9 tracks)
Some trillwave and witch house.
February 24, 2014 Witchwave
Ravening & Unraveling
vnph vnph
301   44min (15 tracks)
"hollow was her gaze/as she stood there featureless the only distinction/the blood dripping from her lips nothing can save you from her thirst.
March 17, 2014 Ravening & Unraveling
craicteen craicteen
you'd make a fine shrine.
October 30, 2013 shrines
t t t t tokyo
dahjia dahjia
518   36min (11 tracks)
city sounds; cyberpunk shit.
September 20, 2013 t t t t tokyo
down to size
lannistersregards lannistersregards
348   1hr 4min (15 tracks)
Confession is not betrayal.
August 02, 2014 down to size
szklo szklo
138   44min (9 tracks)
Nine tracks including music by Crystal Castles, Fever Ray, and Goldfrapp.
December 07, 2011 Sirens
† witching kitty † vol.2
cinnamonmocha cinnamonmocha
901   24min (15 tracks)
Talking backwards.
July 24, 2012 † witching kitty † vol.2