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Over Hills and Underground
curlygrrl curlygrrl
209   41min (12 tracks)
those soundtracks you feel beneath your breastbone.
February 14, 2015 Over Hills and Underground
PaperClouds PaperClouds
34   39min (12 tracks)
elysian (adj.
March 02, 2015 Elysian
Grey's Anatomy (the best emotional songs)
nikscrits nikscrits
The best / most memorable emotional songs from Grey's Anatomy (aka the best show ever).
January 21, 2015 Grey's Anatomy (the best emotional songs)
Epic Instrumentals Pt. 2
jacksonezra jacksonezra
2   1hr 14min (17 tracks)
Epic instrumentals part two! .
March 28, 2015 Epic Instrumentals Pt. 2
Kissing You
alleylxdonna alleylxdonna
603   (23 tracks)
kissing you is my favorite hobby.
February 06, 2015 Kissing You
babe im not feeling so good
teenangers teenangers
877   (26 tracks)
for when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired .
February 01, 2015 babe im not feeling so good
Sad Zelda Mix
Quaffie Quaffie
380   38min (14 tracks)
Starting with the sentimental Ocarina of Time Theme, however, its gonna be sader More Zelda http://8tracks.
February 06, 2015 Sad Zelda Mix
Birdy and the Boy
Catbuggy Catbuggy
He met him in the midst of his very own apocalypse, a time in his life where the universe seemed to be nothing but this giant expanse of rubble and dus...
February 15, 2015 Birdy and the Boy
The guide to making any vagina cry
p00n_pirate p00n_pirate
509   (19 tracks)
For the saucy little brunette polish girl :) ++ +++ Songs that helped me during my break up, and also the perfect mix to chill/study/cuddle to.
February 19, 2015 The guide to making any vagina cry
kingcorpse kingcorpse
475   8min (11 tracks)
You can feel your bones breaking You can feel your skin tearing You can feel your organs rotting It's not stopping.
January 02, 2015 R O T
Instrumentals Nº8
Lapin-Tigre Lapin-Tigre
100   1hr 5min (19 tracks)
As usual, another study mix because there's only 2 and something months left of school, and then we're free! Finish strong, kick those finals when they...
March 18, 2015 Instrumentals Nº8
forever in our hearts, zayn malik
snugglyliams snugglyliams
4   42min (15 tracks)
you are so brave and quiet, i forget that you are suffering.
March 28, 2015 forever in our hearts, zayn malik