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Midnight Blues
strawberrykisses strawberrykisses
11   40min (11 tracks)
A little bit of everything for a shitty day when all you want is to run away.
March 26, 2015 Midnight Blues
Let's get away... like we used to do.
LittleJo LittleJo
496   (13 tracks)
I can´t get the feeling of wanting to escape off my chest.
January 27, 2015 Let's get away... like we used to do.
Eastern townships
cotephilippe cotephilippe
1,086   (45 tracks)
"Show me the heart unfettered by foolish dreams and I'll show you a happy man.
March 25, 2013 Eastern townships
Oh Darling, Lets Be Adventurers
Desromia Desromia
38,253   (25 tracks)
I might be cold, and you might be old, but oh darling, let's be adventurers.
June 08, 2014 Oh Darling, Lets Be Adventurers
A Runaway Mix
katestephenson45 katestephenson45
257   (17 tracks)
Perfect for those days you just want to get the hell outta town.
March 08, 2013 A Runaway Mix
The Fox, The Bear and Their Lionheart
nickogriff nickogriff
Music for the folksy side of you that needs that wilderness escape.
July 14, 2013 The Fox, The Bear and Their Lionheart
dearradio dearradio
7,298   (22 tracks)
folk/indie music to study, sleep & escape including Bon Iver, Of Monsters and Men & more.
February 01, 2013 escape.
adelleisborning adelleisborning
368   (11 tracks)
some songs to relax your mind and to just chill to.
November 28, 2013 Escape
Far Away
zaza.ackles zaza.ackles
34   (14 tracks)
There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its ...
March 08, 2015 Far Away
Wild Seems
elena.routledge elena.routledge
641   24min (17 tracks)
Music for those stray end and loose tie days.
April 22, 2014 Wild Seems
desolationroad desolationroad
1,644   2min (16 tracks)
"The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought.
May 24, 2013 Escapism
The Great Northern Railway Ride
emhal emhal
478   32min (39 tracks)
I'm taking the train across Canada this June.
June 05, 2014 The Great Northern Railway Ride